What is Dandruff Made Of
What is Dandruff Made Of

What is Dandruff Made Of?

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What is Dandruff Made Of?

What is Dandruff Made Of? Dandruff are white or grayish scalp flakes that peel and stick to the hair or look on your shoulders. Although dandruff is not contagious or rarely a serious disease, this condition can look embarrassing and sometimes difficult to handle. Dandruff is not a problem with hair or how often you wash it. Dandruff is a problem on the scalp.

Symptoms of dandruff are very easy to recognize. Flakes of dead skin are white or grayish and sometimes oily can be seen clearly when attached to the hair or when falling on the patient’s shoulder. In addition, usually dandruff is followed by an itching that appears on the scalp.

While in infants, dandruff that appears often termed the name cradle cap. This is an abnormality condition that causes the baby’s scalp to become scaly. Generally occurs in newborns, but can also appear in infancy. Cradle cap is usually not a dangerous condition and tends to disappear by itself when the baby enters the age of one year.

The Cause of Dandruff

The body will regularly knock out dead skin cells after forming new skin cells. The problem is skin cells that grow and die too quickly. Faster skin cell death eventually results in dandruff.

The cause of accelerated growth and also the death of skin cells is still unknown. One possibility is seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that causes the skin to become oily.

In addition, some conditions can make dandruff more severe. The use of excessive hair care products, experiencing stress, and too often or rarely wash your hair can be at risk of aggravating the dandruff that appears.

It is estimated that one of two people living in Western Europe and North America has experienced dandruff hair. Dandruff often appears in adolescence or puberty. Dandruff is more common in men than women. Some research suggests that by consuming excessive alcoholic beverages and coupled with foods that are too salty, sweet or spicy can aggravate dandruff.

Dandruff Treatment

The best known and also the most common treatment is to use anti-dandruff / dandruff shampoo that can be bought at the supermarket. How it works various anti-dandruff shampoo different. You can find the most suitable product by trying some products.

Usually dandruff will immediately act on this method. But, the reappearance of dandruff is a natural thing. Dandruff usually disappears momentarily before returning again. If it happens, the use of anti-dandruff shampoo needs to be done regularly.

If the shampoo fails to clean the dandruff after a few weeks, see your doctor immediately. You may need a stronger anti-dandruff shampoo. The doctor will examine the scalp to find out if there are any skin problems such as fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, or psoriasis.

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