What is Burns
What is Burns

What is Burns?

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What is Burns?

What is Burns? Burns are damage to the skin that is often caused by heat and can be very painful to cause symptoms such as:

  • The skin is flushed
  • Skin peeling
  • Blister sores
  • Scorched skin
  • Swelling

Here are some common causes of burns:

  • Hot temperature. Usually caused by fire, steam, liquids, or hot objects.
  • Electricity. This can be caused by an electric current or lightning.
  • Cold temperatures, generally due to skin exposure to water, wind or cold conditions.
  • Sunlight. This condition is due to exposure to sunlight.Some tools to darken skin color can also cause burns.
  • Friction, caused by friction of the skin with hard and rough surfaces such as highways, or carpets.
  • Chemistry. It is usually caused by contact with domestic and industrial chemicals.
  • Radiation. Equipment such as X-rays and radiation therapy for cancer patients can also cause skin burns.

In addition to causing damage to the skin layer, the above causes can also injure other body parts, such as muscles, blood vessels, nerves, lungs, and eyes.


For those of you who suffer minor burns, make sure the burn remains in a clean condition. Avoid solving your own blisters on the skin to prevent infection and exacerbate burns that have occurred.

The severity of a person’s burn depends on:

  • The thickness of the burning layer of skin
  • Size and location of burns
  • Causes burns
  • Age and health factors burns patients

There are several injuries that must be directly handled by the ER in the hospital, especially burns due to chemicals and electricity. Widespread and deep burns also need to be addressed as soon as possible. Similarly, burns on some layers of facial skin, hands, arms, legs, or genitals are also considered to be conditions requiring medical treatment. Especially in pregnant women and also toddlers, burns should also get treatment as soon as possible. Plastic surgery may be needed if the burn is too severe.

If you breathe in smoke or chemical fumes or heat, consult your doctor immediately. Inhaling steam or gas can cause lung injury. Inhaling toxic gases such as carbon monoxide can lead to poisoning conditions.

Burning Treatment

There are several steps you can take to treat burns as first aid. The first step is to cool burns that occur with regular water for about 20-30 minutes. Make sure not to use ice, ice water, cream, or oily ingredients to cool burns. Ice or even water applied directly, can make the wound worse.

Get rid of clothes or accessories that cover the burning skin. If the clothes or accessories that have been attached to the burning skin, try not to lift it.

Try to put the burn patient in an upright position, if his face or his eyes are burned. Because sitting upright position will reduce the risk of swelling.

Make sure people who suffer from burns still feel warm. Can use a blanket to cover her body, but not to scratch the skin that has burns. Burns can be covered with plastic or sterile bandages.

And lastly, patients are advised to take painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen if the pain interferes or feels unbearable. Read the instructions and warnings contained in the package before starting to eat them.

Infants and young children often experience serious burns due to negligence or because they play with equipment and home supplies. Here are some ways to prevent a child from burns:

  • Teach children not to play in the kitchen area. Many equipment or materials can cause burns.
  • Try to iron on a table high enough and far from the reach of small children. Do not forget to immediately turn off the iron after wearing it.
  • Keep matches or equipment that can produce a fire far from the reach and eyesight of children.
  • Keep hot drinks from small children.
  • Teach children not to get close to the exhaust of hot vehicles or new vehicles used.
  • Check the water temperature to be used for your baby’s bath. Use your elbows to check the warmth of the water.
  • Provide a sense of equipment and household equipment that can cause burns to your child. Especially equipment that uses electric current.

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