What Are The Symptoms of Eye Cancer?

What Are The Symptoms of Eye Cancer
What Are The Symptoms of Eye Cancer

What Are The Symptoms of Eye Cancer

What Are The Symptoms of Eye Cancer? Eye cancer types also vary. In children, the type of eye cancer that is commonly experienced is retinoblastoma that originates from the retina. While in adults, the most common type of intraocular cancer is melanoma and lymphoma. Melanoma in the eye will be the main discussion in this article.

Most melanoma in the eye grows on the inside of the eye that tends to be invisible, making it difficult to detect. These cancers also rarely cause significant symptoms. If there are indications that appear, usually in the form:

  1. Black spots appear on the irises of the eye.
  2. Often feel the glare.
  3. Feeling there are spots and lines that block the view.
  4. Blurred vision or loss of vision.
  5. Changes in the shape of the pupils or tissue around the eyes.
  6. Swelling of one eye.
  7. Lumps on an enlarged eyelid or eyeball.

If you experience any of these symptoms, check your eye condition to the doctor. Significant visibility changes and sudden appearance should be checked into the hospital immediately.

Early detection will increase your chances of recovery. Eye-treated eye cancer has the potential to trigger complications such as glaucoma, blindness, and the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

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