What Are The Causes of High Cholesterol
What Are The Causes of High Cholesterol

What Are The Causes of High Cholesterol?

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What Are The Causes of High Cholesterol?

Many factors can cause high cholesterol, one of which is the lifestyle. Here are the things that are categorized as unhealthy lifestyles are high risk of triggering an increase in bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

  1. The habit of eating unhealthy foods. The most influential effect on blood cholesterol levels is the high levels of saturated fat in these foods. Foods high in saturated fats include coconut milk, offal, cow brain, goat meat, duck meat with skin, chicken skin, shellfish, shrimp, squid, and quail eggs.
  2. Reluctance to exercise or lack of physical activity.
  3. Especially for those of you who smoke, in cigarettes found a chemical called acrolein. This substance can stop the activity of HDL or good cholesterol to transport the fat deposits from the body to the heart to be removed. As a result, arterial narrowing or atherosclerosis may occur.
  4. The habit of consuming too much liquor.

Another factor that makes a person more at risk of high cholesterol is obesity and has an excessive waist circumference. For those of us who belong to Asian people, obesity means having a body mass index above 25 (kg / m2) whereas it is said that the waist circumference is over 90 cm for men or 80 cm for women. If a person is obese, then he is likely to have bad cholesterol levels and higher triglyceride levels and lower good cholesterol levels.

Triglycerides are another type of fatty substance in the blood. There are several causes of elevated triglyceride levels in a person’s body, partly because of genetic factors, obesity, too much alcohol consumption, and eating too many foods containing sugar or high fat.

Other factors

In addition to lifestyle, there are some conditions that can change a person’s cholesterol levels to high, among them are high blood pressure and diabetes, less active thyroid gland, liver disease, and kidney disease. Treating these underlying conditions can help lower cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol is also susceptible to certain races in the world. A person who is of Bangladeshi, Indian, Sri lanka, or Pakistani origin is more at risk of getting high cholesterol. In addition to race, age is also a deciding factor. As age increases, the risk for constriction of arteries or atherosclerosis increases.

Another factor is family or genetic history. The high cholesterol conditions that occur in the family are called familial hypercholesterolaemia. One in five hundred people inherited this condition from the parents. Someone who has this condition, usually can not eliminate excess cholesterol contained in the blood perfectly. And for those who live with high cholesterol levels, it means risky to get heart trouble early. You are more susceptible to high cholesterol if the male family (father or sibling) has a stroke or coronary heart disease under the age of 55 years. You are also prone to having high cholesterol if your female family (mother or sibling) is exposed to stroke or high blood under the age of 65 years.

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