What Are The Causes of Hepatitis C? 8 Most Common Causes

What Are The Causes of Hepatitis C
What Are The Causes of Hepatitis C

What Are The Causes of Hepatitis C?

What Are The Causes of Hepatitis C? Hepatitis C virus develops in the blood. Therefore, we will be infected with hepatitis C in contact with the patient’s blood. The virus is also thought to survive outside the body at room temperature for several weeks, for example in blood spills.

Transmission of hepatitis C is most common through needles, especially among drug users who share needles. In addition, there are several groups of people who are also at high risk of contracting the disease. Among others are:

  1. People who share the use of personal belongings may be contaminated with blood, such as nail clippers or shavers.
  2. Medical workers in the hospital who often deal with blood or body fluids patients.
  3. People who have unprotected sex.
  4. Patients undergoing medical procedures in hospitals with non-sterile equipment.
  5. People with weak immune systems, such as people with HIV.
  6. People who underwent blood transfusions or organ transplants, especially before 1992. Because before that year, blood received from donors has still not been checked whether it is free from the hepatitis C virus
  7. People who undergo tattooing or piercing processes in places that do not have sterile equipment.
  8. Infants in the womb of infected pregnant women.
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