Urticaria Symptoms
Urticaria Symptoms

The 3 Most Common Urticaria Symptoms in Humans

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Urticaria Symptoms in Humans

The bleeding that comes from the bruise usually feels very itchy with different size and location. Some urticaria symptoms or signs are:

  1. Mucus or rash is almost oval or worm-shaped.
  2. A strong itchiness.
  3. Red or white.

The width of the rash or wound can reach several centimeters. There are several trigger factors that can aggravate the symptoms of urticaria that is being experienced, namely:

  • Conditions of stress
  • Alcoholic beverages or contain caffeine.
  • Hot temperatures.

Avoid the above factors in order not to aggravate the symptoms urticaria experienced. If the symptoms of the urticaria feel worse and last more than a few days, see your doctor immediately.


Urticaria vasculitis is a condition when the blood vessels in the skin are inflamed or inflamed. This type of urticaria is rare. The blur of this species lasts longer than a day. In addition to feel much more pain, this wound can also leave a bruise.

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