Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease
Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease

4 Best Ways to Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease

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Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease

Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease is done to inhibit disease progression and prevent complications. Drugs can also be given to relieve symptoms, such as pain, cramps, muscle spasms, constipation, salivation and excessive sputum, sleep disorders, and depression.

In addition, doctors will advise patients to undergo a series of therapies consisting of:

  1. Respiratory therapy. If weakness has occurred in the respiratory muscles, then the breathing will be assisted by the machine, especially at bedtime.
  2. Physical therapy. To maintain body fitness, heart health, and increase muscle strength.
  3. Speech therapy. Helping the patient to be able to communicate well (especially verbal) by teaching certain techniques.
  4. Occupational therapy. Helping the patient perform daily routine activities with the help of special tools and techniques, to maintain the functional ability and independence of patients.

Other additional Treatment of Lou Gehrig Disease that can be given is the form of regulation of nutrient intake. It is recommended that the patient be given food in a form that is easy to swallow, and contains adequate nutrition.

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