Treatment of Influenza
Treatment of Influenza

The Best Ways to Treatment of Influenza in Humans

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Treatment of Influenza in Humans

Treatment of Influenza usually does not need to be handled by a doctor. You can treat this condition yourself at home. Simple treatment steps that you can do in between are enough rest, eating fruits and vegetables, and keep your body temperature normal.

Increasing fluid consumption is an important step in avoiding dehydration which is one of the complications of the flu. When you are flu and dehydrated, the body will lose sugar, salt, and fluids. You can try drinking liquids containing sugar and electrolytes / ions to restore the fluid balance in the body.

In addition to the above self-help steps, you can also take over-the-counter medicines on the market when needed, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Both of these drugs can reduce fever and reduce aches. You are not allowed to take antibiotics because these drugs only serve to kill bacteria, not kill the virus as a cause of flu.

There are several groups of people who are susceptible to flu-related complications, including pregnant women, the elderly, people with low immunity, and serious illness (eg heart failure). Therefore, doctors will usually give antiviral drugs to those at risk.

There are two types of antivirus currently widely used to overcome the flu, namely oseltamivir and zanamivir. However, the benefits and side effects of both drugs are still a debate to date.

Several studies have shown that tamiflu has been shown to be less effective in reducing the risk of flu complications. In addition, about 50% of patients who took this drug showed symptoms of serious side effects, such as the impact on innervation, psychological conditions, and digestive system. Consult your doctor for the right treatment.

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