Treatment of Genital Herpes
Treatment of Genital Herpes

The 4 Best Ways to Treatment of Genital Herpes in Humans

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Treatment of Genital Herpes in Humans

In treatment of genital herpes, to reduce the symptoms of genital herpes infection, doctors will provide antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valasisklovir. These medications only serve to prevent herpes simplex virus from multiplying, but can not completely remove the virus from the body.

If symptoms of infection are not too severe, antiviral drug consumption may not be necessary. Instead, doctors will advise patients to relieve symptoms that appear with self-care at home. Here are some things you can do:

  1. Clean the wound or ulcer so it does not become an infection while speeding up the healing. This cleansing can be by using ordinary water or salt water.
  2. To ease the pain, cover the wound with ice cubes wrapped with a cloth. Do not stick ice directly on the injured surface.
  3. Use a painkiller cream on blister or ulcer wounds. Besides multiply drink mineral water. Both of these aims to ease and ease the pain during urination.
  4. Use loose clothing to relieve pain in areas of skin with blisters.

Handling of Genital Herpes in People with HIV

Genital herpes that recur too often can be caused by the weakened immune system. This indicates that the amount of antibodies produced by the body to fight infection is reduced. As a result, herpes symptoms are more common and the severity becomes more serious.

For those who frequently have recurrent genital herpes infections and have less secure sexual routines (multiple partners, no condom or safety, anal sex), it is advisable to perform an HIV test. People with HIV have a much weaker immune system than healthy people, so it requires special treatment that is different from other patients.

The specialist will deal with genital herpes that occurs in people with HIV. Doctors will generally give antivirus with a higher dose. In addition, many people with HIV are infected by HSV strains resistant to standard antiviral drugs. Therefore, the patient may be prescribed a newer antivirus type.

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