Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

4 Best Ways to Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder is actually difficult to do. However, many educational support services as well as special behavioral therapy can improve autism abilities. Important aspects of child development that should be the focus is the ability to communicate, interact, cognitive, and academic.

Handling autism aims to develop the ability of the people as much as possible so that they can live everyday life. Some commonly recommended handling steps are:

  1. Behavioral therapy and communication. This is done so that people with autism more easily adapt. Examples of therapy are cognitive behavioral therapy or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  2. Family therapy for parents or relatives to learn how to interact with autism.
  3. Provision of drugs. Although it can not cure autism, drugs may be given to control certain symptoms. For example, antidepressants to control anxiety disorders, selective serotonin-releasing inhibitors (SSRIs) to deal with depression, melatonin to overcome sleep disorders, or anti-psychotic drugs to deal with aggressive and harmful behaviors.
  4. Psychological therapy. This treatment is recommended if people with autism also have other psychiatric problems, such as anxiety disorders.

Teaching and Training For Parents

The role of parents for children with autism is very important. The active participation of parents will support and help improve the ability of the child.

Finding as much information as possible about autism and its treatment is highly recommended for parents. You can find out more through the Autism Care Indonesia Society and the Autisma Indonesia Foundation.

Helping your child to communicate can also reduce anxiety and improve his behavior, because communication is a special obstacle for children with autism. Tips that might be useful include:

  • Using simple words.
  • Always mention the child’s name when talking to her.
  • Take advantage of body language to clarify your point.
  • Talk slowly and clearly.
  • Give your child time to process your words.
  • Do not talk when you are noisy around you.

Treatment Methods should be Avoided

There are a number of alternative treatment methods that are considered to overcome autism, but, their effectiveness has not been proven and potentially harmful. Alternative treatment methods that should be avoided are:

  • A special diet, such as gluten-free foods.
  • Chelation therapy, namely the use of drugs or certain substances to remove metal (especially mercury) from the body.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy that uses oxygen in high-pressure air space.
  • Neurofeedback therapy, in which the patient will see his brain waves through the monitor and be taught how to change it.

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