17 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Acromegaly

Symptoms of Acromegaly
Symptoms of Acromegaly

Signs and Symptoms of Acromegaly

Not all acromegaly conditions exhibit significant symptoms directly. The visible symptoms will be different from each patient. Some of the symptoms that can be experienced are:

  1. Legs and hands grow.
  2. The face structure is changing.
  3. The size of the tongue, nose, and lips enlarged.
  4. Dental structure widened.
  5. Oily skin and rough.
  6. Abnormal skin growth.
  7. Excessive sweating, to body odor.
  8. Dizzy.
  9. Limp.
  10. Muscles weaken.
  11. Joint pain and movement ability are limited.
  12. The function of vision decreases.
  13. Hoarse and deep voice (widening of vocal cords and sinuses).
  14. Snoring fast during sleep.
  15. Cavity enlarged (barrel chest).
  16. Menstrual cycle disorders in women.
  17. Erectile difficulties in men.

This condition can also lead to important organs of the body such as liver, kidneys, heart, and spleen enlarged, and potentially life-threatening. Immediately see a doctor or visit the nearest hospital if you feel the symptoms above in order to get an early treatment.

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