Signs and Symptoms of Insomnia
Signs and Symptoms of Insomnia

The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Insomnia in Humans

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Signs and Symptoms of Insomnia in Humans

Signs and Symptoms of insomnia vary. In some sufferers there are lying in a state of awake for a long time before it can really fall asleep. In addition there are also woke up several times from sleep or wake up in the early hours of the day and can not sleep again. Generally, people with insomnia will be difficult to move and concentrate during the day because they feel tired. Their appearance also looks not fresh.

In addition to making the sufferer feel tired during the day, insomnia can also affect mood. As a result, insomniacs often seem stressed, irritable, or irritable. Although during the day their bodies feel tired, insomniacs usually stay awake.

It is difficult to determine the size of normal sleep because the needs of sleep vary by person. It is influenced by age, lifestyle, environment, and diet respectively. Most healthy adults sleep about 7-9 hours each night. As we get older, our body experiences a decrease in sleep duration even though it still needs it.

It is advisable to see a doctor if your sleep deprivation has caused problems and affects daily life. Insomnia can also develop into other health problems, such as headaches, digestive disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression. Insomnia can also endanger the patient’s personal safety (eg the risk of traffic accidents due to drowsiness and lack of focus).

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