Signs and Symptoms of Constipation
Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

The 9 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

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Signs and Symptoms of Constipation

The main signs and symptoms of constipation is the difficulty of bowel movements with a frequency that is less frequent than usual (less than three times a week). While a number of common signs that accompany the main symptoms include:

  1. Have to strain while defecating.
  2. The bowel process was not complete.
  3. The stools look dry, hard, or clumped.
  4. The size of the stool can be large or very small.
  5. Feel there is a wedge in the rectum.
  6. Pain and abdominal cramps, especially in the lower abdomen.
  7. The stomach feels bloated.
  8. Nausea.
  9. No appetite.

Check with your doctor if you have symptoms of constipation with fatigue, weight loss for no apparent reason, nausea, vomiting, and rectal bleeding.

Constipation is also often experienced by infants and children with symptoms similar to adults. But there are some other symptoms that may be experienced by children and infants, such as often removing patches in pants because the stools that accumulate in the rectum, feces or farts smells rotten, and tend to look limp, fussy or moody.

Immediately take your child to the doctor if you have constipation. Handling with laxatives for children is often recommended by doctors.

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