Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease
Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

16 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

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Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

Generally, Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease can be seen because the body can tolerate reduced kidney function, even on a large scale. This situation makes people with chronic renal failure do not feel any symptoms.

If one of your kidneys is damaged, human kidney function can still be fulfilled with just one other kidney. This fact proves that humans are born with a capacity of kidney function that is far more than is actually needed to survive.

The early decline in kidney function without symptoms makes people with chronic renal failure often not immediately aware of the disease. Changes in kidney function are generally detectable only from urine and blood tests on a regular basis.

Kidney disease patients who have been diagnosed will undergo regular checks to monitor kidney function. This check is done with blood and urine tests. Treatment therapy is also done to prevent illness from developing.

Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms

Blood tests, urine, and routine monitoring also serves to detect if the kidneys begin to lose function and lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure shows symptoms as follows:

  1. More frequent urination, especially at night.
  2. Itchy skin.
  3. The presence of blood or protein in the urine is detected during urine testing.
  4. Muscle cramps and muscle spasms.
  5. Losing weight.
  6. Loss of appetite.
  7. Hiccup.
  8. Fatigue or feel weak.
  9. Decreased mental acuity.
  10. Blood pressure is difficult to control.
  11. The buildup of fluid that causes swelling of the ankles, feet, or hands.
  12. Chest pain, due to fluid accumulates around the heart.
  13. Hard to breathe.
  14. Nausea and vomiting.
  15. Sleep disturbance.
  16. Erectile dysfunction in men.

Treatment in the early stages of chronic kidney disease can prevent the onset of symptoms above.

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