Signs and Symptoms of Cholecystitis

7 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Cholecystitis

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Signs and Symptoms of Cholecystitis

The main signs and symptoms of cholecystitis is severe pain in the upper right abdomen that lasts for several hours. This pain tends to arise after eating foods (especially fatty ones) and can spread to the right shoulder or backbone. In addition to pain, inflammation is also sometimes accompanied by the following signs and symptoms of cholecystitis:

  1. The pain gets worse when you take a deep breath.
  2. The right stomach ached when touched.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.
  4. Fever.
  5. No appetite.
  6. Sweating.
  7. Jaundice.

If you experience sudden, high-sick abdominal pain, check with your doctor immediately. Especially when the pain lasts for hours, accompanied by other signs and symptoms of cholecystitis, and hinders your daily activities.

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