6 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer in Humans

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer
Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Cancer in Humans

Signs and Symptoms of brain cancer vary depending on the size, location and how fast the development in the brain. Symptoms that occur are due to the presence of tumors that suppress the brain or due to the tumor blocking a part of the brain to function as usual.

If the pressure inside the cavity of the head rises as a result of a tumor, the following symptoms may occur:

  1. Headache that is not restrained and sustainable.
  2. Sudden vomiting and for no apparent reason.
  3. Epilepsy or convulsions. Can occur throughout the body or there is a twitch in one particular body area only.
  4. Easy to forget, angry, sleepy, or indifferent.
  5. Losing part of sight or hearing.
  6. Personality changes, such as abnormal behavior and unlike the usual characters.

Impact of Tumors On Brain Function

Our brain controls many body functions. The location of the presence of tumors in the brain will determine which functions will be affected.

  • Convulsions or fainting, hearing a voice inside the head and a speech or memory disorder is a symptom of a tumor in the side of the brain.
  • Changes in personality, weakness on one side of the body, loss of order, apathy (no longer concerned about the surrounding and itself), as well as impaired sense of smell and vision is a symptom of the emergence of tumors in the front of the brain.
  • Impaired sense of vision on one side is a tumor symptoms in the back of the brain.
  • Difficulties in understanding words, speaking disorders, writing, reading and organizing certain movements, and numbness on one side of the body can occur are some of the tumor symptoms in the midbrain.
  • Body imbalances, difficulty walking, weakening of facial muscles, visual impairment, speech and swallowing may be caused by tumors in the brainstem.
  • Headaches, visual disturbances and gestures can be a sign of tumors in the lining of the brain.
  • Loss of body coordination, difficulty walking and talking, eyes twitching, vomiting, and neck stiffness are symptoms that may occur if the tumor is located in the cerebellum.
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