5 Best Ways to Sarcoidosis Treatment in Humans

Sarcoidosis Treatment
Sarcoidosis Treatment

Sarcoidosis Treatment

Half of cases of sarcoidosis Disease can disappear by itself and require no treatment if no significant symptoms are found.

Treatment will be necessary if symptoms are perceived to interfere with or threaten the function of other organs. Some types of treatments are usually done, namely:

  1. The administration of a corticosteroid drug, an anti-inflammatory drug that is usually the first-line therapy for this condition. This drug can also be applied directly on the skin or dripped on the eyes.
  2. Administration of hydroxychloroquine to treat skin disorders and increase calcium levels in the blood.
  3. Provision of immune system suppressants to reduce inflammation.
  4. Provision of TNF-alpha inhibitors to treat sarcoidosis that does not respond to other treatments
  5. Surgical steps may be selected for transplant if this condition has damaged the lungs, liver, or heart.

Sarcoidosis Disease will generally disappear within a period of two years, but patients may need help from professional counseling personnel to live life due to this disease. Discuss to a doctor if the patient needs counseling or referral support group support for sarcoidosis Disease .

In addition to treatment steps, make lifestyle changes suggested below can facilitate the patient in daily life

  • Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, dust, and toxic gases and fumes.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Start a balanced diet and diet that doctors recommend.
  • Meets a proportional water intake.
  • Make sure the body is rested and exercise enough.
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