Sarcoidosis Symptoms
Sarcoidosis Symptoms

3 Most Common Sarcoidosis Symptoms in Humans

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Sarcoidosis Symptoms

Sarcoidosis Disease has symptoms that appear slowly with different patterns, depending on the organs affected by the disease. In other cases, symptoms only appear for a moment, then disappear. There are also symptoms that last for years or vice versa, no symptoms at all. Symptoms of sarcoidosis Disease in general, among others, fever, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, and excessive fatigue. Organs that can be affected by symptoms of sarcoidosis Disease include the skin, lungs, and eyes.

  • Skin

Skin sarcoidosis Disease patience will generally experience a reddish rash or purplish red lumps that usually appear in the area of ​​the wrist or shin. The area will feel warm or soft when touched. Patients also have areas of skin that are darker or brighter. Accompanied by the appearance of nodules or swelling under the skin, especially in the skin area that there are cuts or tattoos. The appearance of blemishes or scar marks on the cheeks, nose, and ears can also mark sarcososis.

  • Lungs

Patients with sarcoidosis Disease tend to breathe faintly accompanied by wheezing or sound like whistling from the chest. In addition, patients experience persistent dry cough and chest pain.

  • Eye

The eyes of the sufferer of sarcoidosis Disease will be pain that is unbearable and sensitive to light. In addition to the red eyes are clearly visible from the outside, the view of people with this disease will also be vague.

Sarcoidosis Disease that attacks the eyes can also show no symptoms at all, so it is important to check the eyes regularly. In addition to the above organs, sarcoidosis can also appear in bones, joints, and muscles but the case is rare.

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