Ringworm Diagnosis
Ringworm Diagnosis

Ringworm Diagnosis in Women and Men

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Ringworm Diagnosis in Women and Men

Doctors usually get a ringworm diagnosis by asking for a history of the course of the illness as well as performing a simple physical examination by looking at the typical form of a dwarf rash, which is ring-shaped. But if you need further confirmation, your doctor will usually do a more detailed examination. Among them:

Skin Sample Research

The doctor will take your skin sample for examination in the laboratory. This process will help to confirm whether you have ringworm and the type of fungus that causes it. Treatment with antifungal drugs will usually begin while awaiting laboratory results.

Ultraviolet light

Another way is to check the infection using ultraviolet light. If the infected skin is fluorescent when it is exposed to ultraviolet light, this indicates a fungus.

Examination with KOH solution (Potassium hydroxide)

This check is performed to identify the fungus as the cause of the rash. The doctor will take the skin sample of the infected patient, then dipped with KOH solution and heated. If there is a fungus, then the doctor can see it through a microscope.

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