Ringworm Definition
Ringworm Definition

Ringworm Definition By Medical

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Ringworm Definition By Medical

Ringworm definition is a disease that attacks the skin and is caused by fungi. In addition to attacking the nails, upper body and head, this disease can also appear in the groin and legs. Ringworm is also known as ‘tinea’ is a common disease and can affect anyone, especially children.

The most recognizable ringworm symptom is the appearance of a rash-shaped red rash with an irregular outline. This rash usually feels very itchy and can spread to other body parts. If it occurs in young men, ringworm is often found in the groin area.

Anti-Fungal Drug To Overcome Ringworm

Ringworm can be overcome with anti-fungal drugs in the form of over-the-counter ointment. But you are advised to take an antifungal tablet that usually requires a doctor’s prescription if symptoms you experience severe, do not heal, or occur on the scalp. Especially for scalp on the scalp, you are advised to use anti-fungal shampoo to prevent the spread of infection.

Mode of transmission and prevention of ringworm

Ringworm is not dangerous, but it is very contagious. The disease can spread through direct contact through the skin and share the use of personal items, such as combs, towels, and clothing. Therefore, the main way to prevent ringworm transmission is to avoid the use of personal belongings with others and to maintain personal hygiene. You can maintain personal hygiene through simple steps, such as frequent hand washing and diligent cleaning the house.

In addition to transmission from humans, pets exposed to ringworm can also pass it on to you. Immediately consult your pet to the vet if you suspect the animal has ringworm.

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