Prevention of Liver Cancer
Prevention of Liver Cancer

The 5 Best Steps to Prevention of Liver Cancer in Humans

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Prevention of Liver Cancer in Humans

Prevention of liver cancer growth can be done early on. The main key is with a healthy lifestyle and discipline in maintaining health. Steps to prevent liver cancer include:

  1. Avoidance of liver cancer risk factors such as hepatitis C and hepatitis B.
  2. Healthy diet.
  3. Avoid yourself from obesity with regular exercise.
  4. Limit alcohol consumption.
  5. Perform regular health checks, especially early detection or liver cancer screening. Especially in hepatitis B or C patients, cirrhosis of the liver, primary biliary cirrhosis, and people who have a history of liver cancer or other liver diseases in the family.

Hepatitis B vaccine

You can avoid the risk of hepatitis B with the vaccine. In Indonesia, hepatitis B vaccine has become part of immunization that must be taken at birth and at the age of two, four, and six months. However, adults of all ages may receive this vaccine.

Hepatitis B vaccine is also recommended for high-risk groups of people as follows:

  • Persons with chronic renal failure and chronic liver disease.
  • People who frequently switch sexual partners.
  • Medical personnel and users of injecting drug users.
  • Close family of people with chronic hepatitis B.
  • People who receive blood donors regularly.
  • Prisoners and prison officers.

Reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission

Hepatitis C virus is often infected through the blood of an infected person to another. This causes common hepatitis C to occur among narcotics users, especially those who share the use of drugs such as needles in vain. Here are some things you can do to minimize the risk:

  • Avoid the use of personal items together. Avoid exchanging objects that are contaminated with other people’s blood such as earrings, shavers or toothbrushes.
  • It is recommended to use condom contraceptives during sex, because hepatitis C can also be transmitted through other body fluids such as semen.

It would be better if you were more alert by assuming that anyone might have been infected with hepatitis C. Many people with hepatitis C themselves do not realize that they contract the disease, so they do not take care of themselves. This can be caused because hepatitis C can appear without symptoms accompanied in years.

Limit or avoid alcohol consumption

If you consume liquor, you should not exceed the limit of consumption per day. Consumption of alcohol is 3-4 units a day for men and 2-3 units a day for women. One unit of alcohol is roughly equivalent to 284 ml of light-weight, normal-strong beer, half a glass of wine (87.5 ml), or 25 ml of high ethanol-containing beverages produced from fermentation (spirit). Even so, the decision to stop taking liquor is the most effective recommended step in reducing the risk of developing liver cancer.

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