The 4 Best Steps to Prevention of Hepatitis C in Humans

Prevention of Hepatitis C
Prevention of Hepatitis C

Prevention of Hepatitis C in Humans

Prevention of Hepatitis C has not been vaccinated. But there are several ways that can be done to reduce the risk of transmission, such as quitting smoking or not using illegal drugs and avoiding sharing of the use of personal items contaminated with blood, such as shavers or toothbrushes.

Although the disease is rarely transmitted through sex, the use of safety devices such as condoms in sex can keep you from hepatitis C. Especially if there is contact with blood, such as anal sex or menstrual blood.

Prevention of hepatitis C virus spread is also important. Hepatitis C patients can prevent transmission by:

  1. Clean and cover the wound with a waterproof plaster.
  2. Do not be a blood donor.
  3. Always clean the blood with household cleaning remedies.
  4. Do not share syringes and personal belongings.

Hepatitis C sufferers are at risk for contracting other types of hepatitis. Therefore, doctors generally recommend that they undergo vaccinations to prevent hepatitis A and B. Flu vaccines and pneumococcal infections are also sometimes recommended.

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