6 Recommended Steps to Prevention of Hepatitis A

Prevention of Hepatitis A
Prevention of Hepatitis A

Prevention of Hepatitis A

Prevention of hepatitis A is to maintain cleanliness. This can be done with simple steps like:

  1. Always wash your hands with soap and clean water, for example before meals, before processing food, and after toilets.
  2. Do not share personal items such as toothbrushes or towels.
  3. Do not lend each other cutlery.
  4. Always cook food until cooked and boil water until boiling.
  5. Avoid snacks in street vendors whose hygiene is less awake.
  6. Avoid consumption of raw foods derived from contaminated waters, such as oysters.

hepatitis A infection can also be prevented through vaccination done twice over an interval of 6-12 months. This vaccine is recommended for those at high risk for hepatitis A, for example people with chronic liver disease, men who have sex with men, people who frequently use needles like drugs users, and people who work in areas related to dirt like Ditch.

In Indonesia itself, this vaccine does not belong to mandatory immunization. But it is available and can be given starting from the age of 2-18 years twice with intervals of 6-12 months.

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