Paget Disease Treatment
Paget Disease Treatment

2 Best Steps For Paget Disease Treatment in Humans

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Paget Disease Treatment

Everyone has different circumstances with each other, so the therapy of Paget’s disease on the nipples experienced from one person to another may vary based on the individual’s individual circumstances.

Paget’s disease therapy on the nipple will depend on how extensively this condition occurs in the nipple, areola and breast.

When Paget’s disease of the nipple is found to be the only condition that occurs in the breast, therapy usually includes:

  1. Breast surgery
  2. Radiotherapy.

If invasive breast cancer or DCIS is found in the same breast then the recommended therapy may be different.

In addition, some people with Paget’s disease of the nipple, decide to undergo different treatments in addition to medical treatment, or become available clinical trial participants.

Breast surgery

Surgery in Paget’s disease of the nipple involves removal of the nipple and tissue around the nipple. If the nipple is the only area affected, then it may be just a little nipple and a healthy area around the raised nipple. This method of surgery is known as surgical removal of some breast (breast conserving surgery, BCT).

The removal of the entire breast (mastectomy) and / or removal of one or more lymph nodes in the armpits may be required in some patients.


In those with Paget’s disease on the nipple, radiotherapy is almost always advocated after partial breast removal surgery (breast conserving surgery, BCT) is completed. Radiotherapy is also sometimes recommended when surgery is performed surgical removal of the entire breast (mastectomy).

For those with Paget’s disease on the nipple, radiotherapy may be the only necessary treatment after a biopsy (done in order to diagnose) is done.

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