Ovarian Cysts Symptoms and Signs in Humans

Ovarian Cysts Symptoms and Signs
Ovarian Cysts Symptoms and Signs

Ovarian Cysts Symptoms and Signs in Humans

If the cyst cell is ruptured, large, or clogging the bloodstream into the ovary, ovarian cyst cymptoms and signs will appear. Among them:

  1. Irregular or altered periods.
  2. Pain in the pelvic bone some time before or after menstruation.
  3. Pain in the pelvis during sex.
  4. Frequent urination.
  5. Vomiting, nausea, and breasts become sensitive as during pregnancy.
  6. Difficult bowel movements.
  7. The process of digestion is not smooth.
  8. The stomach feels bloated.
  9. Faster feeling fuller than usual.
  10. Bewildered or dizzy.


Although some women will not feel any symptoms, some types of ovarian cysts can be malignant. This is especially likely when new cysts grow after women pass through menopause. Therefore, routine uterine examination needs to be done even if you do not feel any symptoms to avoid some complications such as:

  • Ovarian torsion. Increasing cysts can cause the ovaries to shift from the proper position, so the risk of ovaries to be twisted will increase. Conditions terplintirnya ovarium is called torque ovarium
  • Rupture of the cyst, which will cause pain and heavy bleeding in the stomach.
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