Milroy Disease
Milroy Disease

What is Milroy Disease?

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What is Milroy Disease?

Milroy disease is a genetic disorder that affects the lymph system. It is characterized by swelling (edema) of the body part.

Signs Symptoms of Milroy Disease

The lymphatic system is a circulatory system that filters and distributes rich protein fluids and blood cells throughout the body. If Milory disease, lymphatic fluid accumulates in soft tissues under the skin (subcutaneously) due to certain obstacles, birth. There are three forms of congenital disease or breeds Milroy lymphedema, praecox lymphedema or Meige disease and lymphedema tarda.

Symptoms include swelling, thickening and hardening of the skin in the affected area. In most cases, the disease is derived Milory.

Treatment of Milroy Disease

Treatment of patients with lymphedema offspring is primarily directed against the prevention and control of local complications of swollen limbs.

Several surgical methods have tried to benefit patients with Milroy’s disease, but none have achieved lasting success.

Excision of subcutaneous fibrosis coverage of split-thickness skin graft tissue.

Pedicle skin transfers of affected limbs and lymphatic lymphatic anastomosis are well put on trial without much success.

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