Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs
Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

12 Most Common Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs in Humans

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Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs

In the early stages, lung cancer does not cause any symptoms. The lung cancer symptoms and signs will only appear when the development of cancer has reached a certain stage. Here are the main symptoms that will be experienced lung cancer patients, including:

  1. The cough is sustained and worsens, until it ends up coughing up blood.
  2. Experiencing shortness of breath and pain in the chest.
  3. Experiencing fatigue for no reason.
  4. Swelling of the face or neck.
  5. Headache.
  6. Bone pain, can be on the shoulders, arms or hands.
  7. Weight loss.
  8. Loss of appetite.
  9. The voice becomes husky.
  10. Difficulty swallowing or pain when swallowing something.
  11. Changes in the shape of the finger, ie the fingertips become convex.
  12. Immediately see a doctor or go to the clinic to confirm the diagnosis of the symptoms experienced.

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