Insomnia Treatment Guidelines
Insomnia Treatment Guidelines

The Best Insomnia Treatment Guidelines For Humans

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Insomnia Treatment Guidelines For Humans

In insomnia treatment guidelines, the first thing a doctor does is find out what the root cause is. If insomnia is based on certain habits, then the doctor will advise the patient to change his habit. For example advise not to consume caffeinated beverages, smoking, and liquor before bed. In addition, the doctor will suggest to set sleep and wake time each day in a disciplined manner. Finally, patients will be advised not to take a nap.

If insomnia is caused by a health problem, then the doctor will first overcome the underlying condition and of course with the adjustment measures are adjusted so as not to cause side effects that can aggravate insomnia.

If the patient continues to experience insomnia despite improving lifestyle, the doctor will usually advise patients to follow specific cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I). Even if needed, doctors can prescribe sleeping pills.

1.Overcoming insomnia with cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy for treating insomnia or CBT-I is usually recommended for those who have experienced a sleep disorder that does not improve after a change in sleep routine. CBT-I is performed with a doctor’s guidance with the aim of changing the thoughts and negative behaviors that cause insomnia, into positive thoughts and behaviors.

During CBT-I therapy, patients will be taught how to reduce stress or thoughts that can interfere with sleep, and are taught how to relieve tension with relaxation. If needed, the doctor will measure the level of patient relaxation with the help of sensor devices installed in the patient’s body.

In CBT-I therapy, patients will also be taught how to set their minds in order to associate the bedroom with sleep alone. In addition, patients will be guided to be able to set sleep and waking time consistently.

In addition to the above methods of treatment, there are other things that belong to CBT-I therapy, among them is paradoxical intention to help patients who have trouble starting sleep but have no problem in maintaining sleep. Sleep restriction therapy may also be advisable to increase sleep time gradually.

To know each progress that has been achieved by patients, usually the doctor will ask the patient to keep filling the sleep diary.

2. Overcome insomnia with sleeping pills

Sleep medicine is usually only used by doctors as a last resort, when insomnia is no longer able to be overcome with changes in lifestyle and cognitive therapy or when the severity of insomnia is high.

Sleeping pills are generally prescribed with the lowest possible dose and with the shortest possible length of time. So it means that the use of sleeping pills is only temporary. Doctors will usually be reluctant to prescribe sleeping pills in the long run because it still will not address the underlying causes of insomnia.

For insomnia that causes the sufferer to experience fatigue, severe stress, or sudden awakening at night, the doctor may prescribe zopiclone or zolpidem. Usually these two sleeping pills are given with the lowest possible doses within a maximum period of one month. Both zopiclone and zolpidem have side effects such as dry mouth, headache, nausea, or vomiting.

For insomnia that sufferers have difficulty starting to sleep, doctors can prescribe zaleplon. Common side effects of using this drug are tingling, pain during menstruation in women, and short-term memory loss. Zaleplon is usually prescribed in a maximum half-month period with the lowest possible dose.

If insomniacs experience severe anxiety or stress, doctors may prescribe a class of sedatives such as benzodiazepines to make the patient relax and sleep well.

In addition to causing dependence, sleep disorder sleep can sometimes continue until the next day, especially in the elderly. Therefore, for those of you who have a busy routine and like to bring your own vehicle, should ask your doctor for sleeping pills provided can be tailored to your condition.

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