Insomnia Diagnosis
Insomnia Diagnosis

The Best Steps to Insomnia Diagnosis in Humans

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Insomnia Diagnosis in Humans

In insomnia diagnosis, the doctor will usually first collect information from the patient about his medical history. The doctor will ask if the patient has a health problem (physical or psychological) or is taking certain medications that may make it difficult to sleep.

In addition, the doctor will also ask whether the patient has a habit of consuming caffeine or alcohol, in addition to asking about diet, exercise, and sleep routine.

If necessary, the doctor will perform further tests if insomnia is suspected to be caused by health problems, one of which is a blood test to check thyroid hormone levels.

To determine the severity of insomnia, patients can make a sleep diary for two weeks. Some of the information that should be included in the sleep diary usually includes the time it takes for the patient to sleep, about what time he or she starts sleeping, how many times he wakes up at night, and at what time the patient wakes up.

In addition to these things, the patient may also include some information about whether the patient is feeling stressed or tired during the day, whether he or she takes a nap, and meals and sports.

Through all the information and data collected that doctors can provide advice on treatment and may also prescribe the appropriate medication in accordance with the conditions behind the occurrence of insomnia.

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