The Best Ways to Hypotension Treatment

Hypotension Treatment
Hypotension Treatment

Hypotension Treatment

There are several things you can do to reduce the risk of hypotension, which is limiting the consumption of liquor and drinking lots of water. For those of you who like caffeinated beverages, avoid drinks that contain these nutrients at night.

Regarding the diet, eating more food in small portions is better than eating food in large portions with less frequent frequency. In addition, increasing salt intake can also prevent hypotension.

Patients with hypotension are also advised to avoid standing for long periods of time. Especially for patients with orthosatic hypotension, when standing from a sitting position or lying down, do it slowly.

If you are taking any medication that may cause side effects of hypotension, your doctor may change the dose of the drug or provide another alternative

Treatment for hypotension should be based on the underlying cause. Drugs for treating hypotension are usually given to increase the amount of blood or narrow the arteries to increase blood pressure.

If you are undergoing treatment, check your blood pressure regularly. And if you experience side effects, see your doctor immediately. Similarly, in the condition of your hypotension that does not go away or not disappear, check yourself in the nearest health agency to avoid complications of brain damage or injury when losing balance.

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