10 Most Common Hypotension Symptoms

Hypotension Symptoms
Hypotension Symptoms

Hypotension Symptoms

Not all who experience hypotension will feel the symptoms. The condition of hypotension also does not always require treatment. However, if the blood pressure is low enough, it is likely to cause symptoms such as the following.

  1. Heart pounding or irregular.
  2. Dizzy.
  3. Limp.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Losing balance or feeling unsteady.
  6. The view is blurry.
  7. Pale and cold body.
  8. Short or fast breath.
  9. Fainting.
  10. Dehydration.

If you experience symptoms of hypotension, you should immediately sit or lie down, drink water, and stop all the activities you are doing. Symptoms will usually disappear after a while.If you often experience symptoms of hypotension as mentioned above, see a doctor to measure your blood pressure and check if there are certain diseases that cause symptoms such as hypotension.

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