The Best Ways to Hyperparathyroidism Treatment Guidelines

Hyperparathyroidism Treatment
Hyperparathyroidism Treatment

Hyperparathyroidism Treatment

In the first step of treatment, doctors usually recommend to wait and see the condition of the patient for some time. This is especially true if the levels of calcium increase only slightly, there is no damage to the kidneys, and no other symptoms need to be treated.

Treatment of hyperparathyroidism depends on the type. In the case of primary hyperparathyroidism in which most cases are caused by benign tumors of adenoma, the most effective treatment is through surgical removal of the tumor from the parathyroid glands. In addition, doctors will also occasionally administer calcium-lowering drugs called bisphosphonates via infusion.

If you are primary hyperparathyroidism, it does not mean you should avoid foods that contain calcium completely. What you should avoid are foods high in calcium. Not consuming calcium can actually cause bones to have calcium deficiency and eventually trigger osteoporosis. In addition, you are also encouraged to drink water in sufficient quantities so that the body is not dehydrated.

Whereas in the case of secondary hyperparathyroidism, treatment will be focused on the underlying condition. For example, if hyperparathyroidism is due to kidney disease previously suffered by the patient, the doctor will focus on treating the kidney disease.

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