Human Papillomavirus Treatment
Human Papillomavirus Treatment

4 Steps to Human Papillomavirus Treatment in Humans

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Human Papillomavirus Treatment

After a positive diagnosis, there are 2 medical methods you can choose, which is drug treatment or surgical procedure.

Handling through drugs generally use topical and takes a long time to remove warts. Some examples of topical medications to treat warts are:

  1. Salicylic acid that serves to erode the wart layer gradually.
  2. Trichloroacetic acid will burn the protein in the wart cells.
  3. Imiquimod that can boost the immune system against Human Papillomavirus.
  4. Podofilox that works by destroying tissue on genital warts.

In addition to topical medicines, warts can also be overcome with surgery steps that include cryotherapy, electrical surgery, surgical removal, and laser surgery.

Some types of HPV can even trigger abnormal changes in cervical cells. Changes that are not immediately detected and treated can develop into cervical cancer. Although rare, abnormal changes in penile and anal cells also include complications that HPV infection can cause.

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