How to Treat Warts
How to Treat Warts

How to Treat Warts? 8 Recommended Steps

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How to Treat Warts?

How to Treat Warts? The most warts can disappear by themselves without having to be treated, although it can take a long time to weeks or months. Sooner or later a person recovering from warts will depend on the ability of the immune system itself.

To speed up the healing process, you can try using salves or plasters that contain salicylic acid. This substance is able to burn the top layer of skin where the wart is located. In addition to salicylic acid, you can try the drug in the form of a spray containing dimethyl ether propane. However, these two substances are not as effective as salicylic acid. Dimethylether propane works by freezing warts.

Some patients can remove warts using a plaster (duct tape) that is stuck on the wart for six days. After 6 days, open the plaster, soak the wart area in the water and gently rub the surface of the wart with a rough-looking object. However, this method has not been clinically proven.

If the wart does not go away after you apply the above treatment, or even warts spread to other body parts, see a doctor to get treatment. In addition, you are advised to see a doctor if:

  1. Warts recur after recovering.
  2. Growth of the warts is painful.
  3. Warts grow on the face.
  4. The growth of warts makes you embarrassed, stressed, or even to make everyday activities become disrupted.
  5. The shape and color of the warts change.
  6. You are not sure whether the meat that grows is warts.
  7. You are having a weakened immune system.
  8. Warts bleed.

If salicylic acid is not effective in removing warts, doctors will usually prescribe trichloroacetic and bichloroacetic to be applied on the surface of the warts. In addition to drugs, other ways to remove warts that may be recommended by a doctor are:

  • Cryotherapy. This procedure is also called clotting therapy. Warts will be given liquid nitrogen to freeze in order to turn off the network. Once frozen, blisters will form below and around the warts. Usually within a week or so, dead wart tissue will peel off on its own. Cryotherapy can also stimulate and boost the immune system to fight wart virus.
  • Curette. Through this method, the skin tissue will be cut with a surgical instrument, then removed. Curettage may be painful and can leave scars (scar tissue). However, this method is effective in removing warts.
  • Laser light. Through this method the wart tissue will be turned off by burning the veins inside it using a laser beam. After the tissue is dead, the warts will come off by itself. Just like curettes, laser treatment can cause scarring.
  • Electrosurgey. This method is almost the same as laser light. But in electrosurgery, the wart tissue will be burned and dried with an electrical charge channeled through the tip of the needle.

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