How to Prevent Warts
How to Prevent Warts

How to Prevent Warts? 9 Recommended Steps

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How to Prevent Warts?

How to Prevent Warts? Here are some ways you can do to avoid contracting other people’s warts, passing on other people’s warts, or spreading warts that are in certain body parts to other body parts:

  1. Do not touch the wart directly, either own warts or other people warts.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly if accidentally touching the warts.
  3. Keep your hands and feet clean always. Keep your hands and feet dry.
  4. Do not remove warts by force, either with carded or gouged.
  5. This can cause spread to other body parts.
  6. If the wart grows on the face or legs, be careful if you want to shave the hair in that part. Injuries caused by razors have the potential to spread the virus. Viruses are also at risk inhabiting a razor.
  7. Do not share personal items with others, such as clothes, razors, nail clippers, towels, socks, or sandals.
  8. Close your warts with a waterproof plaster if you want to swim in a public swimming pool.
  9. Use footwear when in a damp public place, such as by the pool or public bathroom.

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