How to Prevent Insomnia?

How to Prevent Insomnia
How to Prevent Insomnia

How to Prevent Insomnia?

How to Prevent Insomnia? There are several preventive measures that you can do to avoid insomnia, among them is to maintain the comfort of the bedroom and implement a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid consuming large portions of food, alcoholic beverages, and smoking before bedtime. Similar to caffeinated beverages, if you like to drink tea or coffee, stop consuming the drink at least a few hours before bedtime. Do things that can help cause drowsiness, such as bathing or drinking warm milk.

If you still are not sleepy, do not force yourself to sleep. You better get up and do other activities, like watching TV, chatting with family, or reading a book. After you get sleepy and feel tired, then go back to the room. Avoid lying in bed for a long time feeling anxious or watching the clock. If necessary, you can write the things that make you worry following the solution.

Keep your room clean so you can sleep comfortably and avoid the disease. If noise or light from outside the room disturbs your sleep, then wear earplugs or blinders as a solution.

Try to get up at the same time each day despite lack of sleep. If you are tired and sleepy during the day, do not sleep because it will only make you difficult to sleep back at night. Do exercise about thirty minutes per day on a regular basis, such as cycling or a leisurely stroll. In addition to keeping the body fit, exercise can also make you sleep soundly. But it must be remembered that the time limit of exercise is four hours before bedtime.

Apart from being a way to prevent insomnia, the steps above can you apply as a method of treating insomnia at home without having to go to the doctor. If insomnia still occurs after the tips are lived, then you should see a doctor.

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