Genital Herpes Prevention
Genital Herpes Prevention

The Best Steps to Genital Herpes Prevention in Pregnan Women

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Genital Herpes Prevention in Pregnan Women

In Genital Herpes prevention, sufferers are advised not to have sex when having an open wound. Because,Genital herpes can be transmitted from patients without any symptoms. But the rate of transmission of this virus will be higher if the infection is relapse.

If there are open sores or blisters on the mouth, do not kiss your partner. Sharing sex toys can also transmit this virus. If you want to share, make sure you wash it first.

While not completely eliminating the risk of genital herpes, condoms may help inhibit the transmission. Condom use can protect yourself and your partner. But keep in mind that condoms just cover the penis alone. HSV can be transmitted by contact with other body parts, such as mouth during oral or anal sex during anal sex. If you or your partner feel at risk of getting infected with HSV, do a test to confirm the diagnosis immediately.

Genital Herpes virus can not last long on objects outside the human body. This virus requires the human body to survive. But it never hurts to avoid the risk of transmission by not sharing towels or clothes.

In Pregnant Women

For women who are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant and suspected of having herpes, it is advisable to perform a TORCH infection test. TORCH is a group of viruses composed of toxoplasmosis virus, rubella, cytomegalovirus, Genital Herpes virus, and other viruses (eg syphilis, chickenpox, mumps, parvovirus and HIV). TORCH infection test is done to confirm the status of herpes in the mother so that if diagnosed positive, handling can be done so that the fetus is not infected with the virus.

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