The Best Steps to Genital Herpes Diagnosis in Men and Pregnan Women

Genital Herpes Diagnosis
Genital Herpes Diagnosis

Genital Herpes Diagnosis in Men and Pregnan Women

In general, the doctor will genital herpes diagnosis by asking questions about the symptoms experienced and performing a physical examination on the affected part of the body. In addition, your doctor may take fluid samples from the blister sores that appear. To find out if we have genital herpes, this sample will be carried and investigated in the laboratory.

In addition to tests using herpes wound fluid samples, the presence of antibodies against the herpes virus can also be examined through blood tests.

PCR or polymerase chain reaction tests can also be performed to diagnose the presence of genital herpes virus. This test can check for the presence and type of HSV that has infected the body through blood or body fluid samples.

If you are experiencing certain health conditions other than genital herpes, you may need to see a specialist to receive special care. Infections that occur can affect other body parts.

For pregnant women infected with genital herpes, especially those who are planning or are pregnant, should immediately see a specialist obstetrician. Infections that occur in pregnant women can infect the baby they are pregnant.

Genital herpes patients who have problems with the immune system also need to see a specialist, as well as people with HIV / AIDS and cancer patients. Health condition and body endurance of genital herpes sufferer very influence on the duration of infection and also its severity.

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