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Fever Treatment

7 Best Ways to Fever Treatment For Children

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Fever Treatment For Children

Fever Treatment For Children – If the child has a fever, make sure they drink plenty of cold water. Although when the child is not thirsty, try to get them to drink little by little. Fever will make the child lose fluid faster so the risk for dehydration is higher. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine because it can cause dehydration.

Fever-lowering medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen may be given to a child with a fever. But, always follow the instructions and the rules to use as written on the packaging. Age, height and weight of the child will determine the required dose of the child. This medicine is given so that your child feels more comfortable and calm.

Keep the aspirin from the kids. Aspirin can cause the side effects of Reye’s syndrome, a fatal disease that affects the brain and the liver.

Here are other steps to overcome fever in children:

  1. Make sure the room air temperature is good enough. Give a thin dress to heat the body out.
  2. Always check the child’s body temperature regularly. Use a thermometer and do not rely on hand touch.
  3. Make the environment as comfortable as possible for your child can rest. Make sure he gets enough rest. Children will usually be fussy when they have a fever.
  4. Compress with ordinary or cold water.
  5. Make sure your child does not feel cold or overheated. Cover with a blanket to taste.
  6. Give your child an easily digestible diet. But still choose foods that nourish the body.
  7. Give medicines according to the dosage and the life rules. Ask your doctor if you are in doubt and do not combine medications without knowing the content and life rules.

Fever in children can cause several complications if not treated properly. It is important to look for and evaluate other symptoms that come with fever. The following are the possible complications of fever:

  • Severe dehydration.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Convulsions.
  • Serious illness that is undetected and changed to a severe stage.
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