Fever Definition By Medical

Fever Definition
Fever Definition

Fever Definition By Medical

Fever definition is not a disease but is a symptom. Fever occurs when the immune system is fighting against infection. In medical terms, a person is called a fever if his temperature reaches 37.5 degrees Celsius or more.

The quickest, the easiest, and the easiest way to tell if your child has a fever is to check his temperature. Examination of body temperature is done by using a thermometer. Do not rely on hand traps to measure fever. The child’s temperature may be higher than expected.

Children are more likely to have a fever, and in general, the cause of the fever is not something that is serious or serious.

The condition of the fever itself actually has the functions and benefits on the body. With the increase in body temperature, will make the infection-causing germs feel uncomfortable in the child’s body.

Fever will be more common in infants aged six months to five years. This is because mild viral infections such as flu or colds, which can be treated on their own.

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