Epilepsy Complications
Epilepsy Complications

The Most Common Epilepsy Complications in Adults

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Epilepsy Complications in Adults

The reason why seizures in epilepsy patients need to be handled properly is to avoid epilepsy complications and situations that can endanger the lives of sufferers. Examples are falling, drowning, or having an accident while driving due to seizures.

Mental health problems arising from epilepsy should not be taken lightly. Patients may commit suicide due to feel depressed with the condition or due to side effects of anti epilepsy drugs consumed. In this case, the role of family and people close to the patient is needed to always give support and encouragement to him.

In rare cases, epilepsy can lead to complications of epileptic status. The status of epilepticus is a condition when epileptic patients experience seizures for more than 5 minutes or a series of short seizures.

Usually the epileptic status sufferers will be in a state that is not really conscious when a series of short seizures occur. Epiliptic status can cause permanent damage to the brain, even death.

Other complications that are also rare are sudden death. Until now, the cause of sudden death in patients with epilepsy is still not known for certain. Some experts suggest that it is related to heart and respiratory conditions of patients.

Epilepsy and pregnancy

It can not be denied that epilepsy is harmful to pregnancy. Seizures that occur potentially harm the baby being conceived and also threaten the life of the mother. Several types of antiepilepsy drugs exist that are at risk of making the fetus experience a disability.

But if you have epilepsy and want to get pregnant, do not worry. Plan and examine your womb and condition regularly to the doctor. Many women with epilepsy can have normal pregnancies and give birth to healthy children.

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