Epidermolysis Bullosa Complications
Epidermolysis Bullosa Complications

8 Most Common Epidermolysis Bullosa Complications in Adults

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Epidermolysis Bullosa Complications In Adults

If left untreated, Epidermolysis Bullosa Complications of:

  1. Sepsis – The entry of bacteria into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing shock and failure of organ function that can endanger life.
  2. Infection – Skin blisters are susceptible to bacterial infections.
  3. Defects – EB can cause disturbances in joints, such as bent fingers.
  4. Dehydration – Large, open blisters trigger the body to lose a lot of fluids, and lead to severe dehydration.
  5. Constipation – Blistered skin that appears in the rectal area. In addition there are conditions of dehydration and lack of fibrous food intake can cause difficult dirt out of the body.
  6. Malnustrition and anemia – Skin blisters in the mouth area makes the patient have difficulty eating, lead to Malnustrition and low levels of iron in the blood (anemia), and prevent the process of wound healing and growth.
  7. Eye disorders – Inflammation of the eyes can harm the cornea of the eye and can cause blindness.
  8. Skin cancer – Certain types of EB have a high risk of developing skin cancer type squamous cell carcinoma.

In severe cases, the patient’s life could be threatened. This risk is high in infants with severe Epidermolysis Bullosa junction due to infection, dehydration, and blistering skin that has spread widely and inhibits the ability of infants to eat or breathe.

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