Endometriosis Meaning
Endometriosis Meaning

Endometriosis Meaning By Medical

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Endometriosis Meaning By Medical

Endometriosis meaning is a disease of the female reproductive system in which tissue from the lining of the uterine wall or endometrium grows outside the uterine cavity.

Each month, a woman’s body releases hormones that trigger the thickening of the uterine lining or endometrium, which is the preparation for receiving a fertilized egg. If there is no pregnancy, the uterine wall will shed and come out of the body in the form of blood coming out of the vagina.

Endometriosis Pain occurs when endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. If you have endometriosis Pain, the tissue is also undergoing a thickening and decay process, similar to the menstrual cycle. However, the blood eventually settles and can not get out because it is located outside the uterus. The precipitate will irritate the surrounding tissue. Over time, scar tissue or irritation was formed.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

Although generally not classified as lethal, this chronic disease can cause symptoms that greatly interfere with the daily activities of the person.

The most common symptom of endometriosis Pain is pain during menstruation. In addition, some patients endometriosis Pain also feel pain during defecation and small or during sex.

In addition, people with endometriosis Pain may also experience excessive menstrual bleeding or bleeding in the stool or urine.

The effect of endometriosis Pain varies in every woman, and sometimes there are women who do not feel any symptoms at all. Therefore, it is very important for you not to underestimate the pain that suddenly appears or exceeds the usual at the time of menstruation. Immediately see your doctor if you feel symptoms that are not as usual.

Causes of Endometriosis

The cause of the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus is not known for certain. But there is a theory that endometriosis Pain occurs because the uterine lining wall when menstruation fails to be removed from the body (menstruation retrograd) and finally attached to the pelvic organs. But this theory can not explain why endometriosis Pain also occurs in women who have undergone surgical uterus (hysterectomy).

The risk factors that trigger the occurrence of endometriosis Pain one of them is the hormone estrogen. High estrogen hormones are proven to aggravate this condition. That’s what causes endometriosis Pain generally affects women in their productive age. There are several risk factors other than estrogen suspected as the trigger, namely heredity, immune system, cell adaptation factors according to the environment of the organ, and environmental exposure factors.

Diagnosis Process of Endometriosis

As with most diseases, the diagnosis of endometriosis Pain involves consultation with a doctor and examination of the pelvic organs. Doctors will ask for symptoms experienced by patients in detail, especially the location, frequency, and time of emergence of pain.

You will then undergo an examination to ascertain the presence of endometriosis Pain. This step includes examination of sex organs, ultrasound and laparoscopic. In a laparoscopic procedure, doctors also usually take samples of endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus to be investigated in the laboratory.

Step Treatment For Endometriosis

Since the cause is unknown, an accurate endometriosis Pain treatment step is also absent. The goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms so as not to interfere with the daily routine of the person.

The extraordinary pain during menstruation that is the main symptom of this disease can be reduced with painkillers or hormone therapy. Handling with surgery can also be done to remove tissue endometriosis Pain, especially for people who plan to have children.

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