Simple Ways to Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders Treatment
Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders Treatment

Treatment of eating disorders is usually done by a team that includes doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists, nutritionists, and all who are experienced in eating disorders. This treatment is done based on the type of disorder experienced but if the condition of ganggguan is life-threatening, it required hospitalization.

Treatment for this disorder is a major psychotherapy or also called speech therapy to replace unhealthy habits become healthier. One of them is cognitive behavioral therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy). This therapy is primarily, done for bulimics and eating disorders excessive. Cognitive perivaku therapy will change a person’s point of view in the face of a situation, including finding a problem solving and a healthy way of coping with the pressure that can ultimately change a person’s attitude for the better.

Other types of talk therapy that can be done is interpersonal therapy that focuses on issues related to other people’s relationships, family therapy that involves the whole family to discuss the disturbances experienced by the patient, the relationship between them and the influence of this disorder on the family.

In addition to these two therapies, diet therapy is also done to help a person regain and maintain a healthy diet. This therapy is performed by nutritionists and doctors, especially for patients with less weight due to eating disorders.

Medication may be considered. Although the drug can not cure eating disorders, it can help control the urge to eat lots, vomiting, or excessive anxiety regarding diet and food. Drugs given generally are antidepressant and antihemas.

The support of family and friends is essential for the success of treatment in people with eating disorders.

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