Diagnosis of ADHD
Diagnosis of ADHD

The Best Recommended Steps to Diagnosis of ADHD in Children

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Diagnosis of ADHD in Children

Not all children who are difficult to concentrate and hyperactive have ADHD. Therefore, the process of diagnosis of ADHD requires cooperation from various parties. There is a series of physical and psychological examinations of pediatricians and psychiatrists that the patient will undergo. In addition to families, schools (especially teachers) should also be involved in this process.

On the other hand, ADHD diagnosis in adult patients is difficult. This diagnosis is usually only confirmed if the patient has experienced ADHD symptoms since childhood.

Doctors and psychiatrists will also involve families (especially parents), teachers, and patient acquaintances to inquire about their behavior as a child. According to experts, patients are not considered to have ADHD if the symptoms have not experienced since childhood.

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