Diabetes Type 1 Treatment
Diabetes Type 1 Treatment

3 Best Ways For Diabetes Type 1 Treatment Guidelines

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes Type 1

Insulin dependence or diabetes type 1 includes diseases that can not be cured and can only be controlled. Early diagnosis of diabetes is very important so that treatment can be done so that high blood sugar levels of patients can be controlled. Treatment of diabetes aims to maintain the balance of blood sugar levels and control the symptoms to prevent possible complications.

Pancreatic organs in the body of type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin anymore so they must receive insulin supply from outside the body on a regular basis. They are also required to learn to adjust their doses with the food consumed, blood sugar levels, and activities performed.

The process of adjustment should be done in stages. Some types of insulin that can be used include:

  1. Long-acting insulin that can last a day.
  2. Short-acting insulin that can last up to eight hours.
  3. Fast-acting insulin that does not last long, but reacts quickly.

The way of treatment for diabetics can use a combination of the above types of insulin.

Transplantation of insulin-producing pancreatic cells (islet cells) may also help some people with diabetes type 1. In this process, islet cells from those taken from deceased donors will be incorporated into the pancreas of type 1 diabetics.

Islet transplantation is effective to reduce the risk of severe hypoglycemia attacks. Hypoglycemia is a condition in which blood sugar levels fall too low.This condition is as dangerous as blood sugar levels that are too high. However, despite the countries already implementing islet transplants, many diabetics are reluctant to take care of them because of the high risk.

A healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise can reduce blood sugar levels for diabetics. Quitting smoking can also reduce the risk of heart disease complications.

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