The Most Common Diabetes Insipidus Complications in Adults

Diabetes Insipidus Complications
Diabetes Insipidus Complications

Diabetes Insipidus Complications in Adults

If diabetes insipidus is not detected early or not treated properly, this condition can lead to some diabetes insipidus complications as below.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Electrolytes are minerals such as calcium, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. This mineral content serves to maintain water balance in the body and play a role in cell functions. Symptoms that may occur due to this condition are:

  • Fatigue or run out of energy.
  • Headache.
  • Pain in the muscle.
  • Easy to get angry.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite.


Dehydration is the most common impact when the body can not maintain enough fluid in the body due to diabetes insipidus. Symptoms arising from dehydration include:

  • Dry mouth and lips.
  • Dizziness or headache.
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension).
  • Fever.
  • Confusion and irritability.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Weight loss.

For mild dehydration conditions, can be treated with ORS. As for the severe conditions, you may need to be hospitalized to get fluids through the IV.

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