Dehydration Prevention
Dehydration Prevention

3 Best Steps to Dehydration Prevention in Humans

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Dehydration Prevention in Humans

For the dehydration prevention, drink plenty of fluids and eat foods high in water, such as fruits and vegetables. Fluids can be obtained not only from water, but also from food, low-fat milk, and fruit juice. If exercising, do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink. By drinking regularly, normal levels of liquids and minerals in the body can be maintained. If you are active in exercising, you should drink water beyond normal levels.

The amount of perspiration each person spends is different, therefore, it is quite difficult to determine an appropriate recommendation on how much fluid should be drunk. But on average, for adults, you should drink two to three liters of water each day. As for children, it all depends on the age, body size, and activities performed. In conclusion, the more sweat is released, the higher water intake the body needs.

But if you drink lots of fluids to exceed that can be processed by the body, the effect can reduce the level of salt in the blood. This can lead to hypotonics. If you feel bloated, stop drinking and wait until the body adjusts the levels again. Keep in mind that lack of salt or sodium in the body can be fatal.

Some examples of conditions that require special attention regarding the importance of fluid requirements:

  1. If there is a child or someone closest to you being sick, especially having a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, most likely he will be dehydrated. It is important to replace body fluids as soon as possible.
  2. For those of you who like to exercise, drink water before starting a strenuous exercise. At least you are advised to drink 300-700 milliliters of water. Making clear urine is a good sign if you have enough water to drink.
  3. If you live in hot and humid areas, drink plenty of water to lower body heat. Avoid consuming alcohol while the temperature is hot, because the alcohol content will increase the amount of water lost.

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