3 Most Common Complications of Hepatitis A in Adults

Complications of Hepatitis A
Complications of Hepatitis A

Complications of Hepatitis A In Adults

In contrast to hepatitis B and C, Complications of hepatitis A infection generally does not cause long-term (chronic) liver disease and is rarely fatal. But some groups such as the elderly, people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, people with declining immune systems such as people with HIV, and people who have suffered from liver disease before becoming infected with hepatitis A are more prone to complications. Here are the possible complications:

Risk of Heart Failure

This complication occurs when liver function decreases dramatically. Liver failure can cause severe vomiting, susceptible to bleeding, easy drowsiness, decreased concentration and memory, as well as impaired concentration. If not treated promptly, liver failure can cause death.

Risk of Recurrence of Infection

Hepatitis A infection can sometimes come back. The recurrence of hepatitis A may occur more than once after the first infection.

Risk of Cholestasis

Cholestasis usually occurs in older people with hepatitis A. This condition can heal by itself without any special treatment. This complication occurs when the bile builds up in the liver. Symptoms include weight loss, fever, jaundice, and diarrhea.

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