The 3 Most Common Complications of Gonorrhea in Adults

Complications of Gonorrhea
Complications of Gonorrhea

Complications of Gonorrhea in Adults

Complications of gonorrhea or long-term problems due to gonorrhea will occur if left untreated. In addition, gonorrhea can spread to other body parts and cause serious problems.

Complications of gonorrhea in male patients is a decrease in fertility caused by infection of the testes and prostate gland. However, this is rare.

While in women, gonorrhea can have an impact on the reproductive organs. About 15 percent of untreated gonorrhea cases cause pelvic inflammatory disease. This can lead to long-term pelvic pain, sterility, and ectopic pregnancy or outside the womb.

Although rare, infection of other parts of the body may occur if gonorrhea is not treated and spread through the bloodstream. Some conditions that can occur in men and women are:

  1. Skin irritation and reddish color.
  2. Inflammation and swelling of the joints.
  3. Inflammation of the brain, spinal cord, and heart can be life-threatening

Complications of gonorrhea in pregnant women not only affect him, but can also affect the baby they contain, such as premature birth and miscarriage. The eyes of babies born to mothers with gonorrhea can become infected. Permanent permanent damage will occur if the infant is not treated promptly with antibiotics.

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